Living Room Decor Ideas on a Budget

Living Room Decor Ideas on a Budget

We live hard in our living rooms, as the name would suggest, so if you’re looking for some living room ideas on a budget, look no further. We unwind, entertain, and drink coffee (and wine) there every morning. It’s where we blatantly consume dinner from a tray and binge-watch box sets all night long.

Think about adding wallpaper, painting a wall, repurposing furniture, or adding new accessories when considering simple living room ideas. There are many inexpensive ways to transform your appearance without going overboard.

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Be Fashionable with a High-End Wallpaper


Although choosing wall-to-wall wallpaper for your living room can get pricey, it is a simple way to make a plain space feel more opulent. To create the illusion of a rich, all-over pattern for the price of just one or two rolls, a little portion of a more expensive design is used.

Keep patterned wallpaper out of areas that will serve as focal points, such as the chimney’s breast wall or the alcoves on each side. Colour -matching the wall colour to the wallpaper is a stylistic technique that results in a tonal, complementary palette. Just match the Colour of your paint to the wallpaper’s background before attempting to add more accents of this colour throughout the space.


Rearrange Wallpaper

Think about what you already have before making a purchase. You might be able to redecorate your living room without breaking the bank by refocusing the arrangement. Instead of maintaining the same conventional layout in your living room—coffee table in the middle, sofas pushed against either wall, TV at one end—try something more interesting, like pulling your furniture away from the wall and using artwork as the focal point (instead of the TV); or just de-cluttering and clearing out some furniture to make the living room feel larger.


Mix Up with Rugs

In the winter, large, open spaces on the floor can make a living room feel chilly, but covering them with an especially sizable area rug can get pricey. To make your living room feel extra warm and inviting, try layering several different smaller-sized rugs on top of one another.

Choose two rugs with complementary colours and textures for a warm, tonal design. Choosing two carpets with contrasting hues or designs may help make a statement. Round rugs are excellent for small spaces because they may soften the angles of boxy-shaped furniture.


Add Artwork to Renovate Your Wall

Fabric wall hangings are a quick and inexpensive way to add colour to your plain white wall and a trendy bohemian flair if you’d prefer not to hang photos and pictures on them. If you already have a lovely bed cover stashed away in a drawer, you might not even need to purchase anything new when it comes to wall hangings.


For a Fluffy Appearance, Go Darker

One of the most affordable and straightforward ways to modernize a worn-out living room is with paint. A living room that is out of date will look brand new if you choose an immersive colour scheme. Choose a wall paint colour that goes well with your existing furniture and flooring to save money on your room remodel. Next, add decor with pillows, blankets, and lamps in contrasting hues or patterns.

A chilly living room can be made to feel incredibly warm and cosy by choosing a dark or dusky wall colour. To achieve a trendy look, choose a continuous colour for the walls, skirting, and woodwork. By having a single hue throughout, a huge area might appear more contained and cosy because there won’t be any noticeable colour shifts.


Use House Plants to Add Greenery

Including plants in your interior design arsenal is simple and effective. They give a place life in the sense of colour, shape, and life. There are many fantastic stores where you can find affordable, high-quality furniture, including Ikea (opens in new tab), which has a large selection and is small-budget friendly. However, larger house plants can still be expensive, so groupings of small plants should be arranged at various heights to give the impression that your room is lush with greenery.


Increase the Basic Lighting

In a living room that is too big, a single light pendant may lose its impact. However, doubling up or grouping several standard pendant lights together is an excellent way to add impact without breaking the bank. To create more visual impact, mix pendants of various sizes and shapes and hang them at different heights when designing living room lighting ideas. Woven pendants or coloured glass always go well together.


Create a Photo Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to quickly and affordably decorate a bare wall and inject much-needed personality into a space. They are a style that has stood the test of time. Use pictures, album covers, and prints; you could even frame fabric scraps or discarded wallpaper.


Change your Cushions

The most adaptable soft furnishings are cushions. With so many various sizes, shapes, colours, and textures to pick from, updating your living room may just require a few new cushions.


Add Some Paint to your Wall

It’s so easy to give the walls a fresh coat of paint for a new look that doesn’t break the bank. There is just enough colour to provide interest without being overpowering in two soothing neutrals. It has the ideal appearance for an alcove. To further increase interest without adding to the cost, the door and door frame are also painted in a complementary colour.


Add a Coffee table

If you’re searching for a cheap but effective method to make your living space, feel more costly, consider creating a coffee table display. The centrepiece of your living room can look like it came straight out of Pinterest for only a few dollars with a nice candle, a chic coffee table book, a vase of fresh flowers, and a few adorable coasters.

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